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contactEvery registered MowerMan dealer supplies products that are represented by existing "Bricks & Mortar" businesses. These are real businesses with trading history and real people you can talk to. The combined experience amongst our network of dealers is invaluable in the gardening community. You might ask why this is relevant? Well this is where the real value comes from when you're buying a product that requires servicing and or maintenance. Your nearest dealer will be in a position to provide expert advice, parts and repairs to all your gardening tools. Have you ever tried to have Makro or Builders Warehouse or Pick n Pay service your lawnmower?

As the landscape has changed, we've noticed the change in our business. Consumers have become more focussed on convenience and have asked us in our business to adapt to their needs. Hence the birth of MowerMan as an on-line service to customers looking for value, servicing and real-time advice on the correct products for your gardening equipment.

In this way MowerMan has a constantly updated brochure of all the important products and accessories at current prices, some discounted, some with coupons but most importantly all with the backing and support of both your dealer and the manufacturers themselves. Your benefit is that you can now make all your purchases directly from the site using your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. You will be matched with the closest MowerMan dealer in your area and you will have the choice to buy directly from the website or to talk to a real person who can advise you on your next product.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your purchase.


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