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1) Select the item you want by clicking the "Buy this item" link.

2) A box will display showing you what you've added to your cart. You can now decide whether to shop for more items or go to the checkout.

3) Once you've arrived at the checkout, you will need to tell us who you want us to make the invoice out to.. Please select "Who's paying?" and complete the form as comprehensively as possible. Remember to save! Your postal code tells us where you're situated so that is important. If your delivery address is different to the address you've used for the invoice or you're buying the products on behalf of someone else, please let us know by filling in the "Add/Edit shipment address".

4) Once that stage is completed, please check to see that the products that you've selected are correct and that the quantities are correct. If you would like to change the quantity in the cart, look for this box in the cart - quanity box- where you can place your cursor in the box and change the quantity to what you need by hitting the enter button on your keyboard once you've selected your desired quantity.

5) The closest dealer/s that stock your products will be available for selection. If there aren't any dealers directly in your area, only the option of Head Office will be available. We will process your order and locate the closest dealer in the area who will be able to deliver the product/s to you and offer servicing and backup. If you would like to collect your products from your closest dealer, please call or mail them and let them know. Now go to the lower portion of the screen and check the terms and conditions box, confirm your purchase and you'll be taken to the next screen.

6) Your invoice has been processed with an order number for your reference on your payment.

7) Congratulations, you are now a customer of Mowerman. We will be in touch with you shortly to confirm some details and ensure your complete satisfaction with our offering.

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