Dealers all over South Africa are listed on the website, some of whom may stock the products you're interested in. Whichever way you make your choice about the type of garden power tools for you, MowerMan is available as a resource for you to get a fast, well referenced index of products and suppliers closest to you.

Look for dealers that stock and service products in your area. You don't want to be buying a product that isn't serviced and or supported as close to you as possible. Or you could simply make your purchase and when you've told the Cart where you want the products delivered, MowerMan will present you with a choice of who it is in your area that is available to you and who will supply you with your selection.

If you have any questions regarding a product, please call the dealer closest to you. In this way, you'll get expert advice and the opportunity to establish a relationship with the dealer that's going to service and maintain your equipment.


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